Finally convinced myself that using Mint wasn’t going to kill me or my banking security and signed up only to find out that while it supports monitoring my bank’s checking and savings accounts, it does not support their credit card.

Since about 90% of my transactions happen on that credit card, it makes the service basically useless to me at the moment. I’m not really sure what you can do about it. I’m thinking about calling my bank to complain, but chances are they won’t be able to fix it and I already filed a request for Mint to support it.

Oh well, the service seems really cool and I think it would be immensely helpful, though I wish I could do it with a program running on my computer rather than a web application where I worry about my data. Also, they could use to support https for their basic site just so I knew my session couldn’t be hijacked and I wish they had a legitimate mobile solution rather than relying either SMS or an iPhone app.

Hopefully I can work something out so I can use it, because I think it would really help me look at things and figure out beyond a gut level how I’m spending my money, but as it is, it is missing several critical features to make it useful for my life.

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